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Friday, June 22, 2007

Until When Killer Whales Scare us

In the last five decades transients cannot find food easily. Whalers tried to hunt whales with better equipment in 1950s and reduced their number. There were 30 million tons of whales in the Bering Sea and North Pacific. In 1985 the International Whaling Commission stopped hunting; there were only 3 million tons. Killer whales ate lots of harbor seals in 1960s-1970s. In 1980s they ate sea lions, which is about 2,200 pounds. Sea lions came under the endangered species act. Because of the decrease in sea lions and harbor seals, killer whales also ate about 7 sea otters daily to get their needs. In 1990s more than 50,000 sea otters disappeared because of the whales. In the Southern Hemisphere killer whales attacked elephant seals and they decreased from 450,000 to 280,000 between 1970s and 1980s. Scientists could not understand the theory of killer whales. They guessed that orcas kill marine mammals. Yet there are decreases in minke whales because of orcas. They are not sure that the killer whales are killing seals, sea lions and otters in the Arctic.

What can the Arctic people do against killer whales? Whales are dangerous for people and marine mammals. People should do something against that danger. There are three ways to protect sea animals from killer whales; deposit them, hunt and kill them, and hunt sea animals and save them.

First, deposit killer whales away from other sea animals. This solution may be hard or require willingness. Hunters can let harbor seals; sea lion, sea otters and elephant seals live on the beach and the whales in the bottom of seas. When they deposit whales, other animals can live in peace and people can eat them.

Second, we would hunt and kill them. If hunters kill whales, that will decrease the amount of them. When hunters cut the number of whales, it can be better for sea animals’ lives. That will make a decrease in whales and increase in marine mammals.
Third, we can hunt marine mammals and save them. People can save some sea animals for a long time to protect them from killer whales. In that way people can eat marine mammals longer. That can be a step by step, compete with killer whales.

In conclusion, killer whales threaten people and sea animals’ lives. We have to move quickly against this problem to stop this attack. Deposit them, hunt and kill them, hunt sea animals and save them. These solutions could limit some of whales’ harm.


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Monday, June 11, 2007

Killer Whales in the Arctic

According to Bob Weber there is an attack in the Arctic from killer whales. There is research about the growing number of killer whales because of the melting of the ice in the oceans of the Arctic. In 1980s federal researcher Mr. Higdon has finished recording how many times they found the sleek black-and-white killer. Mr. Bay said according to what the hunters and scientists saw, there are about 30 killer whales every year in the western water. Mr. Higdon got information from a natural protection agency. In addition, Arctic tourists have experienced that too. He said his study confirms the relationship between the increase and the decrease of sea ice. Mr. Bay said the augmentation of killer whales is related to the decrease of sea ice. The U.S space office mentions two studies. First, sea ice melted quickly because of the temperature. In 2004 to 2005 winter sea ice lessened from 10 to 15 times more than what it was in 25 years ago. Second, they found about 40 per cent less ice in one of the eastern Arctic areas in two years. Minimizing sea ice causes problems for the animals like polar bear. The killer whale assaults sea animals but there are no reports about polar bear. The hunters are worried because there are not enough sea animals. Killer whales are bad for the other whale inhabitants. Humans can catch pods because killer whales chase them to the beach. Hunters used to kill killer whales, but they stopped in the 1970s. The federal government records whales sounds underwater. Mr. Higdon said they want to divide up killer whales from the other sea animals’ sounds. Mr. Nirlungayuk said that using kayaks is a kind of danger, but they do not use it any more these days because of the bigger boats.

What will Inuit do with killer whales in the Arctic? Killer whales bother the Inuit, because they attack marine mammals. This causes decrease in the sea animals in the Arctic, and there is not enough food for population. Inuit should stop using sea animals and leave killer whales to live in the oceans.

First, people should eat fewer sea animals. Killer whales are attacking marine mammals, which causes a decrease of sea food. If hunters continue hunting it, while killer whales attack it, marine mammals will disappear soon. Sea animals are food for killer whales and for population too. The sea animals are the only things that killer whales can eat.

Second, there are many different food resources. Inuit depend on seafood instead of other sources. They can let killer whales eat sea animals, and eat land animals and vegetables. People can change their diet and find a replacement to save their lives.

Third, the population can have a new food source, which is killer whales, since killer whales cause the dying out of sea animals. If hunters catch killer whales, people can eat them instead of sea animals. In addition, that will reduce the amount of killer whales and raise the number of sea animals. In that way people can get sea animals and use killer whales in a useful way.

Some may say that the Inuit have to keep the Earth cool to increase sea ice and decrease killer whales. It is good idea, but how they can keep Earth cool? People cannot control the space or climate. The Arctic population cannot segregate killer whales, because there is no way to fix this problem. People may stay with killer whales and let them live on sea animals.

The population can let killer whales exist in the oceans and eat what they can eat. People could discontinue eating marine mammals and use the other resources to eat, or use those killer whales. Any stroung there is stronger than him.


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Animals' death causes

The world is changing in a bad way. There is problem with the water, which causes reduced fish in oceans, dead birds on the beaches and a lesser amount of plankton. All these problems relate to global warming, pollution and greenhouse gases.

First, global warming has bad effect on climate. Animals cannot live in different weather than are what they used to living in. Bears used to sleep the whole winter and wale up in spring, but they could not this year because of global warming. Global warming makes the weather difficult to animals’ life.

Second, the pollution is killing us. Some factories spill surplus chemicals in oceans that cause pollution on the oceans. Those chemicals kill fish and other sea animals plus people if they eat this fish. What should we do to stop pollution?

Third, greenhouse gas (GHG) occurs naturally in the atmosphere. Greenhouse gas is the reason for many problems such as global warming, Climate alteration is probable to move up sea level, change precipitation. It could also affect human health, animals, and many types of ecosystems.

Somebody says global warming does not have bad effects on the animals. This idea is wrong, because the changes in the weather effect animals lives. Animals and used to living in specific temperature. Because of the global warming, oceans have become not good place for fish and sea animals. Climate is one of life’s foundations, and it is supposed to be convenient for them.

In conclusion, global warming causes much harm in the earth. Global warming, pollution and greenhouse gases are some of the bad climate’s causes. We should try to reduce the functions that we can control. Can we?

Thursday, May 31, 2007


Carbondale is a small and safe city. It is hard for people who used to live in big cities to live in a city like Carbondale. We miss many kinds of Arabic or international foods that we cannot find in Carbondale. We can bring some food products from back home and cook it here. The United State has all our needs of products. Yet in Carbondale, there are not enough malls to find whatever we look for, even those we can go to some where next to Carbondale such as St. Louis and Chicago. Back home, especially in Jeddah, we have a nice beach we can swim at. Maybe we can do it in Miami Beach, but not in Carbondale. Even if I miss many things here, especially my family, I still feel safe and comfortable in Carbondale.


International students are dying to get the highest score on the TOEFL exam. Many American universities do not care about TOEFL scores. If students pass the English course levels they will be done. Yet, SIU wants us to pass TOEFL to start at the university. I do not think that TOEFL scores measure our English ability. Because, if we pass the level we do not need to retake it; it does not make sense. I hope SIU uses only the classes’ scores to pass us to the next level.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Should we Support or Struggle Fast Food

McDonald’s, Subway, Burger King, Pizza Hut and KFC. Has anyone never heard about them? Is there anyone who never eating in one of these restaurants? Fast food restaurants are widespread in each country and each city in the world. In this fast and busy life people figure on fast food for breakfast, for lunch and for dinner. People eat in restaurants, take it home or the office, or order it delivered from their home or work. Most people use those restaurants are the students and workers, since they do not have enough time to cook or prepare new meal. Yet these restaurants are not good for many reasons such as they have bad health effects, prey on local businesses, contain bad quality and war against traditional food.

Some people call this food junk food”. It is not actually made of garbage. People use the term junk food to describe a food that has few of the nutrients your body needs, and a lot of fat, sugar and salt, which your body can easily get too much of. Potato chips, candy, and soft drinks are often considered junk food”. (“ Junk food”, n. d., para. 1). That means fast food does not contain fresh and complete building bulges to keep healthy. Fast food restaurants started in the 1950’s and they flare-up around the countries in the 1960’s. Most people who ate this food in that time were the rich families and youths. (“Fast Food Facts”, n. d., paras. 1-2). In these days everybody eat from these restaurants, youths or adults, rich or normal people. These restaurants attract all public.

First, the dietitians said fast food is not healthy. It does not cover what the body needs to be entire and slim. Eating fast food everyday for a long time causes many diseases such as “constipation, IBS, severe gas and bloating, weight gain, chronic fatigue, acid reflux, parasites, stomach pain, diverticulitis, skin and hair problems and many other common ailments”. (Johnstone. n. d., para. 1). When someone wants to be on diet the dieticians advice him to avoids fast food because it contain a lots of saturated fat which causes high cholesterol. In addition, there is lots of sugar which is the main reason for obesity, diabetic and teeth problems. Further, high blood pressure can happen since the saltiness in the meats and the French fries. Adding to that, this food is dangerous for the children especially it has hazardous effect to their body and brain. Since children are like fast food so they eat more, and they less their activity and excursuses. Healthy brain is in the healthy body.

Second, these restaurants compete about having more locations around the world. In the article “Subway: Junk Food, Junk Economic” (2004) states that “subway overtook McDonald's last year in the United States and now has 15,874 locations in the U.S. compared to 11,533 for McDonald's. Worldwide, Subway has 21,528 restaurants in 75 countries. McDonald's has more than 30,000 restaurants in 119 countries. Subway founder Fred Deluca says he wants 30,000 outlets worldwide by 2010”. (“Fast Food Facts”, n. d., para.1). This rise hurts other local businesses especially the full services restaurants that contain better meals and better nutrition values. Since there are good restaurants and fast food restaurants customer will prefer that good restaurants. Yet, fast food restaurants have more places around the world so, they easy for customer to find them. In addition, they are working 24 hours a day. The competition is continues and the win for the best.

Third, fast food is poor in vitamins and minerals, and has a bad quality. They “contain very little real food. They are made of devitalized processed food, hydrogenated fats, chemicals, and preservatives, and include anything made with refined white flour”. (“The Harmful Effects of Eating Processed Food”, n. d., para. 5). The food is not new, not clean, they save it for many days or maybe weeks and the chemicals, which are on the food, are not healthy. Further, there are many complaints from customers about that restaurants such as the sandwiches do not have “ enough meat”, “ food is not served hot enough” or they “reheated”, “they do not use high quality meat and restaurants are not kept clean enough” and “ food is too expensive and not give you a good value for your money”. (“Fast Food Facts”, n. d., para. 4). People are looking for the high quality food and services. Are these restaurants going to better one day?

Finally, food is part of our culture, and each country has special food which makes it different than other countries. Yet common fast food restaurants are easier to find everywhere and anytime. That makes people be lazy to cook fresh food and forget the traditional food. In addition it makes break up in the family because they are not eating together at home; each one of them eats alone. It could makes problems between parents and children, since teenager prefer to eat in a restaurant than eat at home.

Opponents say that the fast food restaurants are developing the country’s economy. They are saving many job chances for youths. “A fast food restaurant is a common place where many young people work to earn some cash”. (“Having a Part-time Job in a Fast Food Restaurants”, 2001, para. 1). There are many different positions “Such as cooking the food, serving people, sweeping the floors and washing tables”. (“Having a Part-time Job in a Fast Food Restaurants”, 2001, para. 2). It is a good thing to find jobs to many people. However, these kinds of jobs are available, but people will not work there for long time. It is transitory job. Who works in these jobs will think only for money, not to help people as it not good places to eat in.

In the end we know that fast food “has become regular part or our fast-paced”. (Warshaw. n. d. para. 2) It is the most popular food in the world. Everybody eat burger or pizza from there and find the difference in the value. Yet we need to find something easy as fast food, but healthier and cleaner. Doctors are always warning from eat a lot of these meals because of the high amount of the fat. Meals should be homemade and contain good food, including vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates. Because of the disadvantages of the fast food restaurants government supposed to limited having it.

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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Drunk in Teenager

Drunk in Teenager

He came in home yesterday night and everybody was sleeping. He
entered his sister's bedroom and he tried to rape her. She shouted until we
got up. Some people want to reduce the drinker age from 21 to 18. However,
there are many stories as this story because of drinking age. It should
stay at 21 or above.

First, drink in 18-cause lose our scholastic future, if someone
start to drink from this age. So he will not take care of his study, he will
not do his homework, and maybe he will not go to the school at all because
he prefer drinking than going to school. Further, alcohol makes the brain
stop working. Whenever he has exam he will not think about it because his
mined is drugging. Alcohol will be their interest, and they will forget the
most important things in their life.

Second, teenagers get addiction easer than others. Young drinker
they cannot control their drinking, so if they start drinking form 18 and
they become addicts it will be difficult to leave it. In addition, alcohol
has bad health effects. It causes dangers disease as headache, tremor,
nausea and liver diseases that could cause encephalopathy then coma. Our
health is more important than having fun by drinking.

Last but not least, there are many crimes because of drunken
people. After the friends got drunk they fight each other without reason
some time it built up to killing. The youth are not responsible of their
behavior. Drinking may drive them to steal money just to can buy alcohol.
The crimes have been caused by drunken more than what we expect.

My opponents say it's better to allow underage to drink, as Mark
says "It's so easy for a teenager under 18 to get alcohol, but even so only
a few go out and get drunk every week others just like the odd drink

occasionally, obviously this depends on the maturity of the individual but
it's no different between adults and teens really, I think the should be a
sensible age between 16 and 18". Underage drinking. BBC. (2004, Jul. 20).

However, even if they can get alcohol illegally in some special places on
front of few people, they cannot do it usually anytime or everywhere. They
are not old enough to control themselves even if it limited.

In the end as much as we said we cannot calculate alcoholism damages and problems such as scholastic, health, criminal and much more.
This is an agreement from Ann; she says "Right now its becoming a huge

problem and I think it should be stopped before it gets out of hand."
Boredom is making kids drink alcohol. BBC. (2005, Mar. 23). The bad effects
are not only for teenager but also for adults. If we can stop alcohol at

all, that is perfect, but as we can do at lest not allow young people to


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Cash Advance

Cash Advance

According to the “Bill Would Limit Payday Lending” by Peter Hull. The author discuss that in South Carolina companies have cash advance system for lenders, they made stronger laws to control industry. Clemmons sent a bill and going to limit the number of payday loans. The industry leader have limited for payday loaning in South Carolina. In North Carolina and Georgia the payday was limited, and Virginia has bill like Clemmons’ bill. The industry takes from cash-strapped people and they must return the money on time or they will have another loan to cover the first one. This law is copy from new federal law to limit the payday for the military workers. Clemmons said it is too high that the law made fees for the borrower $15 for each $100 for two weeks loan. He wanted to reduce the fee to $5 on a $100.In addition he suggests to limit the percentage to 36% and make it one loan per lender. The government will shut down the cash advance in South Carolina. Fulmer mention that the company director said 10 cents daily for each $100 are not enough. Since 36% it will stop the industry system. He wants to help people who need money. Borrower can make use of $300 by giving a chick, but they have to return it usually on 2 weeks $345. If the users did not pay in the exact time, they will pay $45 bill plus new finance to cover the firs one. Fulmer says the government blames people that their fees lower than banks’ fees. He also says people know that the policy of Advance America because of the advertisements on the walls. He says if there were better offer people would choose it.

Who cares about citizen’s weal? How? Why? Clemmons mentions that the government is the one who worry about the citizen. it profiteer from poor people who need money. It got from each loan 390% plus the balance if people delay their payment. Some people agree with the cash advance and support them and another disagree with them. Yet the government is trying to help poor people, Forces people to make better choices and Forces families to help each other.

First, government wanted to protect deprived community; it is cut the yearly cost from $15 to $5 for each $100 so that it can be on publics’ hands. It will be big pressure for poor population; percentage is too high and it will injure the broke people. By reducing the profit everybody can make use of convenience bill.

Second, people need learn how to manage their money; government should make courses to teach them where and how they spend their money. The must lean when they shout borrow; some people use money for luxury then they become in a big trouble. Public needs special programs to manage their uses of money.

Third, family should share their responsibility; they can divide the payment between them for rent, eat and educate. Government advice families to support each other; if someone borrow his family help him to return the loan on time by give him money if he do not have. Family must be as a one hand to have better life.

In the conclusion the government has their own opinion and the cash advance has their own opinion. In addition, there are advantages and disadvantages for each of them and each of them want to help the poor people in their ways. Further, the government hold up the citizen and help them by money, educate and advice.

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Monday, December 11, 2006

China’s Internet Addiction

According to Daniel Griffiths, of BBC News, Beijing, the number of Internet addicts is increasing in China; huge numbers of young people hang out at Internet cafés on a daily basis to chat online or play games. People have started spending their money on buying computers or paying to use Internet websites; that is a negative side in this huge country. Wang Yiming, 21, said that he could not sleep enough, eat well, or pass some of his school tests when he started Internet addiction; he couldn’t control himself and had fallen away from his family and friends. For that reason there is China’s first clinic for Internet addiction to help people; that clinic is one of a group of clinics serving other kinds of addiction such as drugs or alcohol. The number of patients is always increasing; 20 million patients every day. That makes the clinic add 200 beds next year, trying to stop the Internet addiction.

Internet addiction is in fact a large problem these days; and it is difficult to be treated easily forit. After a person is addicted his personality will completely change, psychologically and in his social life; he will be less talkative, more lonely, and more hostile and sometimes it leads to family breakups. Even health complaints from many people have taken place such as bleary-eyed, spinal pain, headache and other pains. This is caused by sitting too long in front of the computer and less exercise and even normal movement . Dr Tao Ran mentioned in the article that most addictions come from young teenagers, about 2 million have been addicted in a such quick time that the authorities did not realize the problem until recently and too late.

This Internet addiction is the family’s responsibility. Since most of the addicts are teenagers, they started going and using the internet, playing games and logging into chat rooms when they were younger. Parents have to limit Internet use for their children and make control of their Internet surfing to avoid any internet addiction. They should fill their children’s free time with useful things such as reading or sports or going on a trip with family and some friends; and try to discover any talents they could have to start maintaining and growing it for their future.

The good thing is the Internet clinic; it’s very helpful for the advanced level of addiction; if the parents can’t control their children or get them away from addiction, they can take them to the clinic to remove this addiction, and put them back in to a quiet life; in addition they should be around them all the time and be attentive to their behavior.

Griffiths, D. (2005, Oct. 10). Treating China’s Online Addicts.
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Friday, December 08, 2006

Spears Ignore Paparazzi

Spears ' feas reckless paparazzi'
BBC News in video and audio the author said, Britney Spears the pop singer talked about her story with paparazzi; and she couldn’t practice her normal life without paparazzi’s following her. Spears mentions Princess Diana’s accident in Paris in 1997; paparazzi was the main cause of Diana’s death; they followed her car to get some picture when she was with Dodi Al Fayed; in addition, her driver was drunk. Britney can’t go out with her son, Sean Preston, because of the persecution of the paparazzi. They always are bothering her to get some picture of her and her son. She doesn’t think people want to make her unhappy or sad, but she is happy anyway. Britney’s last album was in 2004; she missed the stage so she makes preparation for her new album. She said, “It’s been boring, nothing’s been ‘WOW’ to me “


BBC News. (2006 Feb. 17). Spears ‘fear reckless paparazzi’